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One key strength is our team diversity, having a mix of genders, ages, races, cultural perspectives, expertise and ethnic backgrounds. We highly value collaboration and to optimize our solutions, we involve top experts and e-residents as our team members and partners.

Angela Ventsel / Head of Legal Affairs

Angela is the co-founder of  SUCCESS HUB ESTONIA.


She has worked as a lawyer for the past 14 years and has led various international and recognized projects in Estonia. As an entrepreneurial person, Angela is actively involved in society, being a member of the Estonian Association of Entrepreneurial Women and a member of the Board of the Estonian Association of Lawyers. Her professional skills include good knowledge of the legal field, process management and the development of innovative business concepts.

Lilian Promet / Head of Business Development

Lilian is the co-founder of SUCCESS HUB ESTONIA.


She has a backround of business development. In 2012 she  invented Snoller, a sledge with wheels and became a semifinalist in “Ajujaht”, Estonia’s biggest entrepreneurial competition. Snoller has been recognized in several competitions and gained popularity in Estonia. Previously Lilian, has worked as a business development manager in New-Zealand. She has an active social life and she is a youth representative in the Association of Business and Professional Women in Estonia. To balance her activities Lilian is also a Yoga instructor.

Mika Iwaya / Marketing

Mika has grown up in Japanese Finnish family. He has been working mostly with fashion clients in Tokyo / Hong Kong / Shanghai.  Main responsibilities have been promotion & branding. He has resently joined e-Residency and become active member of this community. He is planing to spread Nordic & Baltic lifestyle to Asian countries.

Šarūnė Zybartaitė / CUSTOMER RELATIONS

Sarune’s international experience started with an eager to gain personal professional improvement in order to keep pace with business development and cooperation tendencies within countries. After working in Lithuania, Turkey and now Estonia, she gained various experience in logistics, marketing, data protection and overall customer relations in B2B and B2C sectors.

Diana Lember / Representative in Italy

Diana has lived in Italy for the past 10 years and has working experience in Trading, Banking and Entrepreneurship. She has the Master degree of the University of Bologna in International Relations. After the responsibility of the Estonian Pavilion in Expo Milano 2015 she can give the good overview of Estonian society and particulars.