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10 main advantages of Estonian cryptocurrency

Virtual currency service provider license

The Virtual Currency Service Provider’s license includes virtual currency exchange and virtual currency wallet service. In this way, companies can offer their customers and partners services related to the provision of virtual currency services. Favorable tax policy, where no special tax is applied to cryptocurrencies, e.g. VAT. Limiting the size of investments in virtual currency, the legal framework and low operating costs make this country the best place to do cryptocurrency business.

Companies that exchange cryptocurrency for cash must comply with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing measures (AML procedures) and apply for a license from a virtual currency service provider.



Estonia is one of the most developed digital societies in the world and at the same time one of the few countries in Europe that has a special license for cryptocurrency exchange and e-wallet providers. Today, the license has enabled many of the world’s leading cryptocurrency companies to establish a company in Estonia.

Benefits of the activity license of an Estonian virtual currency service provider

  • minimal bureaucracy
  • company registration within 2 days
  • license application 60 days
  • access to the EU market
  • access to Estonian e-services
  • 0% corporate income tax
  • 20% of gross dividends shall be taxed on the distribution of profits
  • the mandatory share capital contribution is € 12,000
  • an Estonian resident must be a member of the board
  • It is not necessary to go to Estonia to register or manage a company

License application documents

  • Description of the activities of the planned form of enterprise
  • Extract from the criminal record of the State of establishment or from the register of the competent court of all persons connected with the undertaking (members of the board, shareholders, final beneficiaries and responsible person). The issued document must be original, apostille and submitted to Estonia in our office;
  • copies of passports and CVs of all the above persons;
  • Local Director / Anti-Money Laundering Officer;
  • a document on the good repute of the anti-money laundering officer in the company;
  • company office in Tallinn;
  • a bank account or an account with a payment service provider in a country of the European Economic Area which provides cross-border services in Estonia or whose provider has established a branch in Estonia;


All the necessary documents and extracts related to the company’s accounts must be submitted on a monthly basis, on the basis of which the accounts and annual report are prepared in the same way as other companies. There is no need for special reporting to the regulator, but the FIU can always issue precepts and inquiries about the company’s activities.

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