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*one-time fee includes a state fee €265. Prices don’t include Estonian VAT (20%).

SuccessHub Services

Company formation

The whole company formation process will take up to 1 working days. According to the law, the share capital for private limited companies is 2500 euros. You don’t have to deposit the share capital immediately just while starting distributing dividends. The contribution can be done later at the bank. The bank issues a digitally signed document in Estonian that needs to be submitted to the e-Business register system.

Legal address & contact

You can use the legal address for official communication and for legal documents. However please be aware we are able to provide mail sorting and forwarding by email for up to 10 letters monthly. The legal addresses can be found in the e-Business Register System. The contact person will present your company as the first contact for all public institutions. You are welcome to use the legal address on your company webpage.

Bank account support

While opening the commercial bank account in Estonia the opening fee is around 200 euros and the monthly payment 20 euros. You are subject to a personal meeting in the bank office in Tallinn and you have to show strong business relationships with Estonia. We are able to support all the necessary documents. For an alternative, you can also open your account in Fintech companies (Wise, Payoneer, Stripe, etc).

Virtual office

Navigate your business in the EU and run your company totally remotely. You will have your virtual office in the central city of Tallinn, in the Telliskivi area which is Estonia’s biggest creative economic enterprise center, bringing together a diverse range of activities and businesses. We will be handling your mail and forward it to you digitally. We also provide you an Estonian SIM card with phone number and you are welcome to work with us in our office 3 times a month. Please be aware we do not accept parcels.


Focus on your core business and leave accounting for us. We will submit monthly tax returns to the Tax and Customs Board. All the invoices have to be forwarded in one patch before the 5th of the following month. The combined corporate income tax and payroll tax return must be submitted and taxes must be remitted by the 10th day of the month. The VAT should be declared on or before the 20th day of the following month. You will have a 1-hour accounting consultation per month.


An e-Residency is a digital identity and status that provides access to Estonia’s e-services and transparent business environment It does not, however, grant citizenship or does not substitute a residency permit.e-Residency program has an easy application process, done by applicants themselves. However, if it is needed, we can assist you in the application process.

Apply for the e-Residency HERE

VAT number registration

The turnover threshold for mandatory VAT registration is EUR 40,000 from the beginning of a calendar year. The moment you exceed the threshold you have three business days to register yourself as a taxable person. As a VAT payer, you must now pay VAT to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board and submit monthly VAT returns (even for the months when there could be nothing to declare).


Employee salary is usually paid in the country where the employee lives and works. Social tax gets trickier depending on where you live, whether you are covered by a social security scheme and whether your country has an agreement for social security with Estonia or is part of the EU or European Economic Area or in Switzerland. All of these factors have to be considered. To avoid having the company pay 33% social tax in Estonia, you should obtain an A1 certificate proving your coverage from the local competent authorities and submit it to the Estonian tax authorities. Board member salary is taxed in Estonia with 20%. Estonian rules provide that directors’ fees paid by an Estonian company to a non-resident director are always subject to a 20% personal income tax.


Turn your passion into a successful business


and give your signatures digitally

ID card enables e-Residents to use Estonian e-services and resources, also sign documents remotely.


within few hours

Provide your business and personal details and establish your company entirely online within a few hours.


in FinTech or commercial bank

Choose either FinTech bank or commercial bank in Estonia to start your business running.


with our side services

You will increase your company’s profitability starting from accounting and finishing with growth hacking.

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” In my case, I made a sudden decision to set up a company, so the SuccessHub was very fast and helpful! In spite of emergency, the team was very polite, nice and the whole process was very easy. I was surprised how quickly my own company was established.”


What our clients say

Extremely professional!

SuccessHub has been a great help to incorporate my business, to navigate the tax process and all the legal concerns I have had
Francis Perrier-Morin
Founder & CEO | Negotio Exports OÜ

Wonderful support!

We were lucky to discover SuccessHub. They were the agency that was able to answer all our 1000 silly questions and support us during the whole process. Hopefully, we will continue to work together and build a strong international business community with them.
Mo C.
CEO | Caddyboo OÜ

Great experience!

I found the service provided by SuccessHub to be excellent – efficient, personal, kept me informed every step, and I would never consider trying to set up a business by myself.
Lara Stancich
Creative Director | Rocket&Coco OÜ